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The lawyers at Chia Wong Chambers LLC have worked together in previous firms before emerging on our own. With a strong litigation foundation, we are proud of our aggressive and effective style of litigation and dispute resolution. Having handled many high profile cases, we have built and honed a practice based on cogent legal principles. Each case entrusted to us by our clients is carefully evaluated and managed, as we recognize the realities of commercial practicality, individual sensitivity and (social) media exposure.

The clientele of Chia Wong Chambers LLC range from public listed companies to high net worth individuals, and the scope of our briefs range from multi-million dollar international corporate disputes to personal legal entanglements.

A sampling of the civil litigation, commercial litigation and criminal litigation cases handled by our team include media sensitive defamation cases, breach of directors’ duties in prominent public organizations, highly contentious disputes over en bloc sales, disputes arising from substantial investments gone awry, breach of complex international trade contracts, allegations of money laundering, family law and matrimonial law involving high net worth divorces, expat divorces, Hague convention cases, child abduction cases, etc.

Our strengths in fault-finding and trouble-shooting have also enabled us to serve our clients well in the creative structuring and efficient administration of their corporate deals and commercial vehicles to meet their needs. With associate offices in Bangkok, Beijing, Dubai, Ho Chi Minh City, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur and New Delhi, Mr Chia and Ms Wong have handled many cross-border disputes and various public infrastructure and private building projects involving foreign entities and individuals.

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