Common myths about divorce

This is a discussion about the most common myths and misconceptions people may have about divorce, and the impact it might have on your life. Divorce rates are climbing higher than ever, yet do people really know what is in store for them when they seek a divorce?

Myth 1:
People learn from their mistakes in the first marriage and tend to have more successful remarriages.

The truth is that although there are definitely people who enjoy long and happy subsequent marriages, statistics show that the divorce rate of remarriages is in fact higher than that of the first marriage. This is true of many other countries and true of Singapore as well .

Myth 2:
People who seek a divorce are just people who give up easily.

Often, there are deeper irreconcilable reasons for a divorce that third parties may not understand. When two parties simply cannot get along with each other, sometimes the only option left is a divorce.

Myth 3:
Disagreements always lead to divorce.

Every marriage has its ups and downs and disagreements are inevitable. Individuals share different opinions and have every right to express them. However, if both parties can respect and even appreciate each other’s differences, it will have a positive impact on the relationship in the long run.

Myth 4:
Divorce is the other person’s fault.

Often, each party have to bear their share of responsibility even if one might think the fault lies entirely with the other. Sometimes, couples just outgrow each other and understand that they can no longer live with each other anymore. In these cases, it might be better to accept reality and move on.

Myth 5:
Living together before marriage will reduce the risk of divorce.

Most studies have found that in fact, the opposite is true. Those who live together before marriage have a higher chance to eventually get divorced. The reason behind this is not understood. In part, it might simply be that people who tend to want to live together before marriage are the ones who might seek a divorce later on. Alternatively, there is some evidence that the act of cohabitation itself generates attitudes in people that are more conducive to divorce.

Myth 6:
Very young children are not significantly affected by divorce if they are too young to really understand.

Divorce increases the risk of interpersonal and social problems among children. Despite the fact that they might not have a clear memory of the divorce, the emotions and associated trauma may still scar them for life, even a divorce lawyer knew this very fact.

Myth 7:
Children will stay with the mother after divorce.

It might be more likely that the mother will end up with care and custody of the child. However, there are many cases in which shared care and custody is obtained or the court decides that the father is the more appropriate caregiver for the children.
Hopefully, these would clear up some common misconceptions about divorce. When love and respect no longer thrives in a marriage, divorce might be a difficult but necessary step to take. If you are going through a difficult period of divorce, you should seek help and advice from experienced Singapore divorce lawyers.

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