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Co-Managing Director
Advocate & Solicitor
Commissioner for Oaths
Notary Public
Barrister-At-Law (United Kingdom)


Chia Boon Teck

Mr Chia Boon Teck graduated with a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Sheffield, United Kingdom, in 1993 as its top foreign student and amongst the top 5% in the Faculty of Law, and awarded the Herbert Smith Prize in Commercial Law.

Mr Chia was called to the English Bar (Lincoln’s Inn, United Kingdom) as a Barrister-At-Law in 1994, and he was admitted to the Singapore Bar as an Advocate & Solicitor in 1995. Mr Chia is a Litigator and his areas of practice include civil & commercial litigation, company law, construction litigation, corporate debt recovery, corporate litigation, criminal litigation, defamation, directors & shareholders’ disputes, employment law, immigration matters, insolvency, landlord & tenant disputes, medical negligence claims, military court martials, partnership disputes, property disputes, Strata Titles matters, and vehicle & industrial accident claims.


In practice for the past 25 years, Mr Chia has been involved in many high-profile cases.

Mr Chia co-chaired a Law Society committee in 2005 that liaised with the Ministry of Law and Ministry of Home Affairs to improve the criminal justice system, particularly, in respect of accused persons’ treatment and access to defense counsel whilst in police custody as well as the prosecution’s disclosure of documents in criminal trials which culminated in amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code in 2010.

In 2006, Mr Chia again co-chaired another Law Society committee to liaise with the Ministry of Law and the Attorney-General’s Chambers to address the relevance and scope of capital punishment in Singapore which led to landmark changes in the law in 2012. In 2007, Mr Chia was a member of a Law Society ad hoc committee that presented a submission to the Ministry of Law and Ministry of Home Affairs in response to the Government’s proposed changes to the Penal Code which resulted in the passing of the new Penal Code in 2011. 

Mr Chia’s publications include the Singapore Chapter for Global Legal Insights: Litigation & Dispute Resolution 2018; Litigation & Dispute Resolution 2019; and Bribery & Corruption 2019.

Mr Chia also spoke at the 2019 Singapore Financial Crime Prevention Symposium. 

• Barrister-at-Law (Lincoln’s Inn) UK (1994-2020)
• Advocate & Solicitor, Singapore (1995-2020)
• Commissioner for Oaths (2005-2020)
• Notary Public (2011-2020)

• Bachelor of Laws (LL. B. Hons), University of Sheffield (1993)
• Awarded The Herbert Smith Prize in Commercial Law (1993)

• Civil & Commercial Litigation
• Company Law
• Construction Litigation
• Corporate Debt Recovery
• Corporate Litigation
• Criminal Litigation
• Defamation
• Directors & Shareholders’ Disputes
• Employment Law
• Immigration Matters
• Insolvency
• Landlord & Tenant Disputes
• MCST Matters
• Medical Negligence Claims
• Military Court Martials
• Partnership Disputes
• Property Disputes
• Strata Developments Litigation
• Vehicle & Industrial Accident Claims

• Member, Council of The Law Society of Singapore (2002–2007, 2016–2020)
• Member, Lincoln’s Inn, United Kingdom (1993–2020)
• Member, Singapore Academy of Law (1995–2020)
• Member, Asean Law Association (2006–2020)
• List of Attorneys, United States Embassy (2010–2020)
• Council Rep, Family Law Practice Committee, Law Society (2016–2020)
• Counsel for Disciplinary Matters, Law Society (2017 – 2020)
• Council Rep, Admissions Committee, Law Society (2018-2020)
• Vice Chairman, Anti-Money Laundering Committee, Law Society (2018, 2020)
• Member, Anti-Money Laundering Committee, Law Society (2016, 2017, 2019)
• Council Rep, Court Practice Chairpersons Committee, Law Society (2019-2020)
• Council Rep, Small Law Firms Committee, Law Society (2020)
• Chairman, Small Law Firms Committee, Law Society (2005)
• Member, Criminal Practice Committee, Law Society (2007–2019)
• Vice Chairman, Criminal Practice Committee, Law Society (2002–2006)
• Member, Executive Committee, Law Society (2003–2006)

• Vice Chairman, Riverina Neighbourhood Committee (2015-2020)
• Secretary, The Esparis Council MCST (2012)
• Vice Chairman, The Esparis Council MCST (2009–2010)
• Chairman, Fengshan Tanah Merah Neighbourhood Committee (2004–2006)
• Member, Tanjong Katong Primary School Advisory Committee (2005–2006)
• Assistant Secretary, Fengshan Community Club Management Committee (2004)
• Member, Fengshan Citizen’s Consultative Committee (2004)
• 1st Vice Chairman, The Tanamera Condominium Council MCST (2000–2001)
• Member, Business China, SCCCI (2009–2020)
• Director, Corstone Pte Ltd (2007–2020)
• Director, Corstone Management Pte Ltd (2008–2020)