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Family, Matrimonial, Trusts & Probate Matters



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Comprehensive and personalized legal advice on divorce, separation and family law, including the division of matrimonial assets, maintenance of wife and children, custody, care, control and access of children


Comprehensive advice on estate management and succession planning including the structuring of trust and other mechanisms for wealth preservation


Areas of Family, Matrimonial & Succession Laws

  • Adoption of children 
  • Annulment of marriages
  • Contentious divorces with cross-jurisdictional issues 
  • Contentious Probates
  • Custody, care and control of, and access to children 
  • Deed of Separation
  • Deed of Settlement
  • Division of matrimonial assets 
  • Domestic Exclusion Orders
  • Enforcement of Ancillary Orders 
  • Estate management and succession planning
  • Maintenance of wife and children 
  • Personal Protection Orders
  • Pre-nuptial agreements
  • Probates and Letters of Administration 
  • Registration and enforcement of Foreign Orders
  • Trusts structuring


Frequently Asked Questions

Confronted by the breakdown of a marriage, one has to be quickly apprised of one’s legal rights and options before making major decisions which would impact the rest of one’s life. Questions which require due consideration include:–

  • What are the legal grounds required to file for a divorce?
  • What constitutes “adultery”?
  • Under what circumstances would I need to engage a private investigator and how much would that cost?
  • What constitutes “unreasonable behaviour”?
  • How do I prove my spouse’s adultery or unreasonable behaviour?
  • Does it matter if I admit to adultery or unreasonable behaviour? How might that affect my reputation?
  • What is the difference between a “3-year” and a “4-year” separation?
  • How can we be “separated” if neither of us is prepared to move out of the matrimonial home?
  • Can I “get involved” in another relationship during the period of my separation?
  • How do I prove “non-consummation” to annul my marriage?
  • Does it matter whose “fault” led to the marital breakdown?
  • If I was at fault for the marital breakdown, would that affect my rights to custody and matrimonial property?
  • Is there any difference whether I am the Plaintiff or the Defendant?
  • Under what circumstances would there be a “Co-Defendant”?
  • What is the difference between an “uncontested” divorce and a “contested” one?
  • What are the factors taken into consideration by the courts when deciding on custody of children?
  • What constitutes “matrimonial property”?
  • What are my rights and entitlements in respect of my “matrimonial property”?
  • What are my rights and entitlements in respect of my maintenance?
  • What are my rights in respect of our “joint account”?
  • How long will the divorce proceedings last?
  • How much would legal costs be for an uncontested, and a contested divorce?
  • Can I claim my legal costs from my spouse?
  • Do I need a lawyer? **

** The answer to the last question is “NO” if you know the answers to the other questions! Contrary to the saying, ignorance is not bliss and as another saying goes, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Are you wasting precious time in blissful ignorance when you could be taking certain actions to mitigate the situation? Are you worrying about any of the above issues unnecessarily? Information is the key to peace of mind. The earlier you seek legal advice, the more time you and your counsel would have to deal with the problem. Don’t waste precious time–seek legal advice as soon as possible.