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At Chia Wong Chambers, our internship program offers law undergraduates a first-hand experience of life as a junior lawyer.

If you are interested in experiencing first-hand what being a lawyer is like, please email us with your resume and a recent photo at

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted by email.

Trainee Practice

Training Contracts

The emphasis of our training programme is to ensure that our practice trainees become competent and savvy lawyers by the end of their training.

If you are interested to join our team, please email us with your resume and a recent photo at

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted by email.



Chia Wong Chambers is always on the lookout for exceptional candidates for the position of Legal Associates for civil, criminal and matrimonial litigation.

We offer competitive remuneration, a cheerful and friendly working environment and challenging, high-end, high profile work.

You should ideally have 1 – 4 years of post-qualification working experience and excellent academic qualifications.

If you are interested to join our team, please email us with your resume and a recent photo, and your current and expected salary at

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Past experiences of our interns

"My time at Chia Wong Chambers LLC has been extremely rewarding. Though the initial learning curve here was incredibly steep, Mr Chia, Ms Wong and their team of talented litigators have never hesitated to take time out of their busy schedules to explain and define the parameters of each task clearly and succinctly, making my transition into the firm much smoother which allowed me to grow and learn at a much faster pace. Watching the two distinguished partners engage with clients has been extremely eye-opening. Mr Chia in particular, has taught me a lot about the virtues of being frank and forthcoming. Never obfuscating the true merits of a client’s case no matter how unfavourable the circumstances, Mr Chia strives to advise his clients in the best way possible, even if it means dissuading them from engaging a lawyer perhaps due to the exceedingly high costs or the poor prospects of receiving adequate compensation. My time here at Chia Wong Chambers LLC has been nothing but a joy, and I would definitely recommend this internship to anyone interested in engaging in complex, challenging and most of all fulfilling legal work."
Jotham Ng
Summer Intern, 2020
“When I first embarked on my internship with Chia Wong Chambers LLC, I was worried that my experience would be an achingly mundane one, mired in quotidian and repetitive administrative tasks. However, this could not be further from the truth. Even though I have not commenced my undergraduate studies, I was still entrusted with important legal research by the team of dedicated and gifted lawyers. They were sensitive to my background as a pre-law student, always making sure to explain the context and history of the law before giving me an assignment. In particular, Mr Chia Boon Teck took me under his wing and mentored me personally throughout my internship. He went to great lengths to ensure that I emerged from this experience a more astute and critical thinker – offering salient comments about my work and giving advice about law school in general. His interaction with clients is also another lesson in itself, and I can only aspire to be as good a lawyer as Mr Chia is in the future. I have heard a lot about how Cambridge is the best law school in the world, one that will train future leaders in the legal profession. In my opinion, that accolade belongs to Chia Wong Chambers LLC.“
Oscar Choo
University of Cambridge, March 2018
“It was definitely my privilege to have been able to intern at Chia Wong Chambers LLC, under the unparalleled guidance of Mr Chia Boon Teck and Ms Wong Kai Yun. Do not be deceived by the size of this boutique firm, the work handled by the dedicated team of lawyers here is comparable to that of any other firm. On the flip side, as an intern, the size of the firm actually allowed me to assist in many large cases and my work did not go unappreciated or unrecognised. The partners, as distinguished litigants with a wealth of experience and knowledge in their areas of specialisation, were never reluctant to guide interns through the complexity of litigious work. They were sincere in their feedback and this was invaluable in helping me better understand how to translate what I have studied into practice. I would strongly recommend this internship opportunity to anyone who is pursuing a career in law and would like to get their hands dirty (in a good way of course).“
Christy Poon
Singapore Management University, May 2017
“Chia Wong Chambers LLC is often described as a big firm disguised as a small firm, and true to word, I was given the opportunity to assist in many large cases during my time there. In fact, during my 4 months at Chia Wong Chambers LLC, I acquired more practical knowledge than what I had gained from 4 years in law school. The lawyers at Chia Wong Chambers LLC work by the motto “Take the bull by the horns”, and there is no case too daunting for them. Above all, it was an unequivocal privilege to assist Mr Chia Boon Teck and Ms Wong Kai Yun in their work. Mr Chia conducts his work with unabated drive and perspicacious judgment, while Ms Wong’s canny persuasiveness and quick thinking thoroughly inspired me. Both partners are distinguished litigants who hold themselves to the highest of standards. As their intern, I was motivated to pull my weight and make valuable contributions to the firm. Despite their busy schedules, Mr Chia and Ms Wong were exceptional mentors, and were very sincere and forthright with their feedback. My contributions as an intern were recognized and appreciated, and I emerged a more confident and capable individual under their wing. I thoroughly enjoyed my insightful stay at Chia Wong Chambers LLC, and would recommend this internship opportunity to anyone who is interested in pursuing a legal career.“
Phuah Cheng Yee
Monash University, March – June 2016
“I interned at Chia Wong Chambers LLC during the summer holidays for four weeks. The wide range of assignments opened my eyes to legal work out of the textbook and allowed me to get a feel of applying the legal knowledge in reality. Despite their hectic schedules, Mr Chia and Ms Wong would find time to engage me in conversation, answering my doubts, providing me with valuable insight about the legal industry and sharing their first hand experiences with me. These are things that cannot be learnt no matter how many books one reads and I would consider this a big takeaway from the internship. The opportunity to attend client meetings and court hearings with Mr Chia and Ms Wong was certainly an eye-opener. Their experience in litigation showed through as I witnessed how they dealt with issues in an extremely professional manner. They would go a step further to explain to me in detail about the happenings during the meetings or the hearings, which I found to be helpful in my understanding of legal work. The internship provided me with invaluable experiences and knowledge which are unattainable through merely studying law. I would strongly recommend this internship to anyone who wants a realistic experience in the legal industry.”
Gan Xian Kai
National University of Singapore, July 2015
“I highly recommend this internship to anyone who has an interest in studying law, or is currently studying law and wants to experience a career in law. My experience in Chia Wong, albeit for a brief 4 weeks, was an extremely valuable learning experience unparalleled by any other internship or work experience I have gone for. Mr Chia and Ms Wong are very patient and experienced mentors, who set aside time from their busy schedules to dispense helpful and insightful advice to interns. They are both exemplary lawyers— they are sharp and versatile litigators, and their wit and legal acumen are second nature to them. They are the best mentors any law student could have. I have also learnt a lot from Mr Ang, Winnie and Xin Yi, who were always ready to provide guidance to me, while capably handling the many other tasks on their plate. Together, the people at Chia Wong provided me with a very fruitful and enjoyable internship experience. Thank you very much!“
Marsha Lee
Singapore Management University, June 2015
“My internship experience at Chia Wong Chambers LLC was fruitful and rewarding. I am immensely grateful to Mr Chia and Ms Wong. As experienced lawyers and kind mentors, they were generous with their advice and feedback, which allowed me to improve on my work. Despite having a busy schedule, they found time to talk to me, to understand my progress, and to offer me guidance regarding my future career development. Chia Wong Chambers LLC is a closely-knit law firm with strong camaraderie among its people. Working here has strengthened my resolve to study law, and I strongly recommend this internship to any would-be or current law student.”
Liu Ruihan
Hwa Chong Institution (College), April – May 2015
“Having interned for six months in the firm, I can confidently say that taking on an internship at Chia Wong Chambers LLC is an invaluable and rewarding experience like no other. It is simultaneously exhilarating and enriching, compelling and challenging. It is a window into the hallowed world of legal practice in its rawest and purest form, and an education in itself. True to its reputation for aggressiveness and efficiency, Chia Wong Chambers LLC provides an environment where the work comes in hard and fast. The level of exposure that Chia Wong Chambers LLC offers to its interns is simply unparalleled. Throughout my internship, I was exceedingly fortunate to receive the mentorship of Mr Chia and Ms Wong, the founding partners of the firm. It is simply a joy and privilege to watch the two litigators at work, both maestros in their respective fields. They exemplify the very quality of excellence, not only possessing the disarming charisma and acute intellect of highly skilled legal professionals, but also exuding an infectious passion for their work. Despite their hectic schedules, they were always willing to find time to share some advice with me, be it specific opinions about the strategic aspects of a case they were working on, or general observations about what it means to be a lawyer and an officer of the court. Above all, I am profoundly grateful to Mr Chia and Ms Wong for indulging me with this amazing opportunity. It is through this internship that I have deepened my appreciation for the legal profession, broadened my understanding of our legal system, and found renewed vigour and enthusiasm for a future career in law.”
Low Weng Hong
Oxford University, March–August 2014
“My 4-week internship at Chia Wong Chambers LLC was never a dull affair. Mr Chia and Ms Wong are extremely professional and knowledgeable litigators in handling complex cases. It was always rewarding to witness them in action, giving clients comprehensive, nuanced and cogent analysis of the legal issues at hand during meetings. Both Mr Chia and Ms Wong are also excellent mentors. Before assigning me work, they would take time out of their busy schedules to explain the legal considerations involved. These lessons were useful in putting abstract legal concepts into real-world context as well as expanding my legal understanding.”
Alvin Chua
Raffles Institution, May 2014
“I came into my internship at Chia Wong Chambers LLC as an ignorant pre-university student who only had the briefest cursory knowledge of litigation, yet the four weeks at Chia Wong Chambers LLC has allowed me to glean an understanding of litigation practice far more than what I had initially expected. I found it to be a great privilege to be exposed to such intricacies in litigation, which would not be possible if not for Ms Wong and Mr Chia’s mentorship. Ms Wong and Mr Chia have been generous in sharing guiding points based on their years of experience in the legal profession. Watching them in action – be it interacting with a client or cross-examining the witness in court – has been an eye-opening experience, and gave me a flavour of the qualities needed to be a successful legal practitioner. If the hallmark of a great internship is the learning opportunities it provides, then Chia Wong Chambers LLC is unparalleled in this aspect. I have learnt much more than I expected or could have hoped for in this short stint. I would like to thank Ms Wong and Mr Chia for their illuminating guidance.”
Chong Shi Cheng
Hwa Chong Institution (College), February 2014
“I highly recommend this internship opportunity to any diligent law student looking for work experience and my reasons are as follows: Firstly, despite their small size, Chia Wong handle a range of cases which means that interns get a broad experience during their internship. Over the course of my month at Chia Wong, I had exposure to Criminal, Family and Corporate Law, as well as gaining a general knowledge of Litigation. The firm give interns as much exposure as possible to legal practice which includes real hands-on work, for example drafting documents and letters and undertaking legal research. Secondly, the firm will often take students to court and this is an invaluable experience for any aspiring lawyer. During my time with Chia Wong, I had the good fortune to attend a trial in The Supreme Court and observe Mr Chia, which was enlightening and awe-inspiring. In addition, when you intern at Chia Wong you are treated as part of the team, which can be a rarity when you work as an intern. Mr Chia and Ms Wong are as humble as they are successful and you will always be treated with respect by them and by the Legal Executives, Winnie and Xin Yi. Finally, the team at Chia Wong are extremely welcoming. I came to Chia Wong with limited legal experience (and a limited knowledge of Singapore), but the team were always patient and ready to answer my queries. I left Chia Wong with a greater understanding of the law in practice and also a high estimation of Singapore’s judicial system. Furthermore, my time with Chia Wong actually strengthened my motivation to pursue a career in law and for this I am extremely grateful. I would therefore like to extend a big thank you to the Chia Wong team; my internship was both edifying and enjoyable throughout and I was genuinely sad when it came to a close.”
Eve Rodgers
BPP Law School, London, November/December 2013
“My 6 weeks’ internship at Chia Wong Chambers LLC has been an extremely fruitful and rewarding experience. Both Mr Chia and Ms Wong are excellent legal practitioners in their own right and it was a humbling experience being able to assist them in their tasks. They are also generous in dishing out advice to interns and their pearls of wisdom have made a positive impact in my life. Their dedication to the legal profession and all their undertakings serve as a great inspiration to me; it was indeed a privilege to be able to observe the way they work and to work for them. I am thankful for the opportunities that both lawyers have exposed me to and their graciousness towards me. This internship was more than what I had originally bargained for- I emerged after 6 weeks of internship experience as a better person not only in terms of having a sharper legal thought and better research skills, but also holistically as a person in terms of speech and demeanour.”
Jeannie Ho
University of Birmingham, July–September 2013
“Interning at Chia Wong has been a fulfilling and eye-opening experience. I am thankful for the vast opportunities presented to me during my internship. Through working on the assignments tasked to me, I was able to hone my skills in legal research and thought. Every assignment presented new challenges which allowed me to gain a deeper exposure and understanding into the work of a lawyer. Mr Chia and Ms Wong were extremely generous and encouraging with their constructive advice on my work, as well as nurturing in their advice on embarking on a legal career. Both Mr Chia and Ms Wong have shown dedication and professionalism in their work and this will serve as a great inspiration for me as I begin my legal career. It has been a great privilege to be able to work alongside them.”
Sarah Kee
University of Leicester, August 2013
“I am very impressed by Chia Wong Chambers LLC’s aggressive approach to litigation. Below, you will read countless interns’ feedback on how enriching and rewarding their internship was – and they are spot on. I will not repeat what has been said, but wish to add these points on a more personal note:- Mr Chia is simply an inspiration to all future lawyers, he is the embodiment of a dominating litigator. I strive to emulate his commanding, no-nonsense style, his professional conduct, and his confidence. Ms Wong is a patient and thoughtful mentor. Her work ethic puts many to shame and she is an exemplary role model for a professional in any field. As a pre-law student, I am surprised and grateful for this opportunity to intern with Chia Wong Chambers LLC for 10 weeks. I would like to express my sincere thanks to the distinguished lawyers whom I greatly respect; as well as their highly capable Winnie and helpful Xin Yi. Thank you!”
John Tan
National Junior College, July/August 2013
“My internship with Chia Wong Chambers LLC is my first close encounter with litigation in practice, which, albeit often featured in courtroom dramas, remains much a myth to me until the “backstage” work is made privy. My time with Mr Chia and Ms Wong was a mind-blowing experience. I was impressed tremendously by their abilities to deliver quality work in between their tight schedules, their diligence and concentration, often sacrificing lunches as a result. Both practitioners at Chia Wong Chambers LLC are excellent litigators who know how to inspire confidence in clients. My experience of working for them not only lets me savour what a newly-mint young associate would do, but also allows me to ponder on the essential ingredients of a good legal practitioner. My heartfelt gratitude goes to Mr. Chia and Ms. Wong, as well as Winnie, who is always helpful and patient in all aspects. My internship experience certainly rekindles my passion to continue my legal studies with an end in mind. Love one’s work as always. After all, being a lawyer means much more than the privilege accorded or the wealth garnered. It is through internship that I see the value of work as a legal practitioner, and the importance of taking pride in whatever you do, to the best of your abilities.”
Li Linzhe
National University of Singapore, June 2013
“I took up a 4-week internship with Chia Wong Chambers LLC during my summer holidays after completing my second year at law school. It is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences I’ve had. I am very grateful towards Mr. Chia and Ms. Wong for giving me such an opportunity to test my limits and widen my horizon. They have shown me much more to law than law school had in 2 years. They provided guidance and constructive criticism as to my work, allowing me to learn from my mistakes and improve from there. Both partners and the legal executive at the firm were very accommodating and warm towards me, and it was through the informal exchanges we had that allowed me to get a glimpse of the legal profession, and understand the thought process and case theory behind each case. It is indeed an honour to have interned with Mr. Chia and Ms. Wong, and I must say it is a wonderful and rare learning experience. I am truly thankful to both of them for taking the time and effort to teach and guide me in my time here.”
Edwyna Ong Rui Qi
Singapore Management University, May/June 2013
“Chia Wong Chambers LLC provides an excellent place for an intern to learn about the life of a lawyer. It is filled with plenty of opportunities for aspiring lawyers to try their hand at what real lawyers do in their everyday work; many of them exciting, some of them daunting, but all enriching nonetheless. Be it legal research, drafting of legal assignments, meeting clients and even assisting in the planning for trials, the partners, Mr Chia Boon Teck and Miss Wong Kai Yun take an active role in ensuring that the interns perfectly understand the meaning and expectations of the tasks assigned to them and ensure that they know the standards they will eventually have to meet in future when they themselves become lawyers. The partners also provide the interns with insights on what it takes to win a trial or achieve the best possible outcome for the client when they share with interns why they plan for their trials in certain ways. Another extremely exciting aspect of the internship was also that the interns would be able to see actual cross-examination in action and the different styles that the partners would utilise at different times! The experience at Chia Wong Chambers LLC has definitely been a meaningful and enriching experience!”
Denzel Chua
National University of Singapore, May 2013
“The five weeks I spent interning at Chia Wong Chambers LLC was the best possible way I could have imagined spending my Summer Break, primarily because I learnt so much during the short stint here. Throughout my time here, the guidance provided by Mr. Chia Boon Teck and Ms. Wong Kai Yun proved invaluable and highly illuminating on the best methods of advancing the client’s case. They took the initiative to educate me, often inquiring what I had learnt after completing the various assignments I was assigned, as well as offer sagely advice on the legal profession. An internship at Chia Wong Chambers LLC truly allows one to learn holistically, and I am deeply grateful for having had the opportunity to enrich my legal education here. Thank you Mr. Chia and Ms. Wong.”
Wong Tian Ying
National University of Singapore, May 2013
“My internship with Chia Wong Chambers LLC was an extremely fruitful and enriching one. For a pre-law student like me, it was indeed the most fitting introduction to the legal practice I could ask for. More importantly it has reaffirmed my aspiration to practice law as a career. I would first like to express my gratitude towards Mr Chia and Ms Wong for being such brilliant mentors. Despite their hectic schedules, they would then sit down with me to go through the assignments I had done, patiently pointing out the areas of improvement (and there were many!). They also gave me the chance to explain my point of view and discuss the cases with them. By allowing me to sit in for client meetings and to attend court trials with them, I had the privilege to observe top-notch litigators at work, setting a benchmark I would strive to emulate when I embark on my own career in law. Their advice with regards to Law School and a future in the legal profession were also invaluable.”
Matthew Poh
Dunman High, April 2013
"I feel extremely privileged to have done an internship at Chia Wong Chambers LLC. At Chia Wong, I gleaned insights into the daily operations of a successful law firm. During my 4 weeks at Chia Wong Chambers LLC, there was never a dull day at the office, where Mr Chia, Ms Wong and Winnie, the legal executive, always made me feel welcomed and appreciated. It was evident in my short time with Chia Wong Chambers LLC that professionalism was the order of the day; the manner in which both partners combined their astuteness, experience and soft skills left an indelible impression as to how every lawyer ought to conduct himself. My time at Chia Wong has not only educated me as to the demands of a career in the legal profession, but also affirmed my belief that the study of law will prove to be an enriching experience. I believe that anybody seeking a rigorous and illuminating internship experience will fit right in at Chia Wong Chambers LLC.”
James Kwong
Raffles Institution, March 2013
“I am very impressed with Mr Chia and Miss Wong’s extensive legal knowledge and experience, and the attention and care which they accord their clients. The professionalism and responsibility they display is something I will aspire to. I am extremely grateful to Mr Chia and Miss Wong for their taking time off their hectic schedules to interact with us and answer our queries regarding work, or legal studies. Their experience and advice are invaluable and has given me much to consider in regards of my future legal studies, and legal career. It is also very inspiring to hear them share their reasons for pursuing litigation as well as the ethics they subscribe to.”
Koh Jiahao Angus
Raffles Institution, March 2013
“As one of the few law firms that accept pre-law students as interns, I found Chia Wong Chambers LLC to be deserving of its reputation as a demanding but ultimately rewarding boot camp for aspiring lawyers. My internship with Chia Wong Chambers LLC was intellectually stimulating as I was given the opportunity to help Mr Chia & Ms Wong with legal research and drafting in a wide variety of cases, and from the outset I was compelled to learn on the fly and to have my wits about me at all times. Watching Mr Chia and Ms Wong handle their cases with admirable confidence and facility amid a flurry of documents and phone calls is an education in itself. Clients are visibly impressed by their firm grasp of the Law and thorough understanding of the situation at hand, while interns will finish their attachment with most, if not all, misconceptions about the practice of law dispelled.”
Glendon Kok
Hwa Chong Institution (College), February 2013
“The 4 weeks of internship I had at Chia Wong Chambers LLC, though a short stint, was not short of rewarding. Most tasks given were challenging, from drafting of legal documents to legal research, yet with each challenge I emerged with growth. Mr Chia and Ms Wong were never stingy in giving constructive criticisms and sharing their personal experiences for my benefit. Aside from exposure to the work of a young litigator, I was given the opportunity to observe how the senior lawyers were able to conduct themselves professionally before their clients. Both lawyers are indeed outstanding leaders in their respective fields and I am thankful to have been under their mentorship.”
Clarice Wai
University of Tasmania, January 2013
“An internship at Chia Wong Chambers LLC is an experience that one would not forget. I had the opportunity to assist and learn from Mr Chia and Ms Wong, and have definitely gained a lot throughout the three weeks which I have spent here. Mr Chia and Ms Wong are two very astute lawyers who have found great success in their profession. Yet, the both of them still show a very keen interest in the welfare of their interns and have made the effort to mentor and guide us in the ways of the law beyond just a cursory textbook reading. This exposure has allowed me to see that a good lawyer must also be able to fill the roles of a researcher, a writer and a negotiator, all whilst being a steward to the law. I thank them very sincerely for the generosity of their time, as well as the frankness of their opinions. Their wisdom will definitely see me through a long way in the legal profession.”
Isaac Lee
SJI International, January 2013
“A firm is only as good as its people, and coming to one like Chia Wong Chambers LLC has shown me why this is so. The four weeks spent here have been an eye-opening adventure for me. This being my first internship, I had little idea about how a law firm works, and I am truly thankful to be given time and opportunities to learn from my mistakes. The partners, Mr Chia Boon Teck and Ms Wong Kai Yun have been really good mentors, willing to sit down and talk through my mistakes with me, and as a result, allowing me to learn from them. This was so even with their busy schedules. “
Foo Jun Jie
University of Wellington, New Zealand, January 2013